Basic Cyber Security with QECUK

Are you confident in your Cyber Security practices?

QECUK Certification in association with Lorators brings you this short course designed to raise awareness of basic cyber security measures in the workplace and beyond.

All employees have responsibilities to maintain cyber security, as humans are the biggest risk factor. This course will highlight the ways employees can conduct these responsibilities in clear but concise terms.

Topics covered include:

  • Backup Your Data
    Ensure you can recover your data wherever it is located.
  • Malware Protection
    Protecting your devices means more than just Anti-Virus.
  • Protect Your Network
    Keep the world out.
  • Device Updates
    Make sure you apply security updates across all your devices.
  • User Accounts
    Protect your user accounts on every system you use.
  • Phishing
    Be Aware of Phishing Techniques that could compromise your data.
  • Going Further

Many of the points raised are common sense and few will come as new information.  The benefit of a course such as this is that is allows you to reinforce and consolidate what you already know so that the information becomes second nature.

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