Bespoke Courses

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, our Lorators can create a bespoke eLearning package for you.


eLearning Courses for You

We use Subject Matter Experts together with eLearning Professionals to ensure that the content of our courses is not only accurate but also delivered in the most effective way for different learning styles.

Our trained and experienced people can help create a course to meet your specific needs.

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Branded eLearning Courses

Any of the generic courses in our Catalog can be amended or rebranded especially for your company to deploy.

This can be particularly useful for annual refresher training.


DON’T FORGET, using Digital Firestones means we can maintain a record of the training staff have already completed including test scores, and follow up those who have courses outstanding.


Our service desk can provide reporting to your authorised Co-ordinator to help you manage the training and competence of your staff.

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