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ISO 27001 The Basics from QEC

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Are you considering ISO 27001 Certification?

QECUK Certification in association with Lorators brings you this basic ISO 27001 awareness course to give you a better understanding of the requirements of ISO 27001.

This course can be used to raise awareness of ISO 27001 amongst employees as part of your certification project.

Identifying the clauses, key elements and Annex A categories of ISO 27001, this course will help your employees get to know the jargon, and start to recognise the kinds of documents that may cross their path, as well as giving them an understanding of their responsibilities within Information Security Management.

This course also provides information on the Certification Process to help everyone understand the events and people they will be seeing.

About QEC Certification

QECUK is the UK agency of QEC Certification which forms part of SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd, the UKAS Accredited certification body. QEC provides impartial ISO 27001 Certification and therefore does not provide management system consultancy or advice.

This course has been designed to explain the ISO 27001 certification process in more detail.

For further information or assistance with the certification process, contact QECUK

About Lorators

Lorators is a Learning and Development brand and part of Assent. We provide eLearning content and training on ISO management systems and other subjects.

Through our consultancy arm, Assent Risk Management, we can help you implement the requirements of ISO 27001.

For further information on training or the requirements of ISO 27001, contact Assent.

Suitable for: all levels, functions, and experience levels.