Guidance on Workplace Security with QECUK

Are you confident with Workplace Security?

QECUK Certification in association with Lorators brings you this basic short course designed to highlight security precautions you can take to protect your work and work environment from potential security breaches.

This course can be used to raise awareness of workplace security amongst employees as part of your business improvement or certification project.

Identifying key methods and practices, this course will help your employees get to know the kinds of precautions taken to secure a workplace, and start to form good habits to improve security in the workplace, as well as giving them an understanding of their responsibilities within Workplace Security.

Topics covered include:

  • secure building and office space entrances,
  • clear desks,
  • device protection,
  • passwords,
  • being overheard or overlooked,
  • paperwork and
  • emergency preparedness.

We also discuss some basic health and safety considerations.

Many of the points raised are common sense and few will come as new information.  The benefit of a course such as this is that is allows you to reinforce and consolidate what you already know so that the information becomes second nature.

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