ISO 27001 and the Audit Process with QECUK

Cyber security has become a big issue in organisations, with the increasing use of internet based technology over the course of the current COVID 19 pandemic.  It may be that many organisations never go back to their old tech-less ways of working now that they have discovered new and improved ways of running their business.  Therefore many organisations will benefit from having ISO 27001:2013 Standard for Information Security Management Systems to reassure their clients that security of information supporting confidentiality in all areas is a priority.

Lorators is pleased to announce a new Information Security course in conjunction with QEC UK Certification. If you’ve been considering certification to the ISO 27001:2013, QECUK’s course is the perfect place to start your journey.

The course identifies the clauses, key elements, and Annex A categories of ISO 27001, as well as the kinds of documents, language and responsibilities that can be involved with the implementation of an ISO 27001 system.

QECUK has also outlined the certification process from start to finish, to help provide a clearer understanding of the events, requirements and people involved.

The course is suitable for employees of all levels and operations within an organisation, and includes a certificate at completion – ideal for assisting with the Awareness requirements of ISO 27001.

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