Protect yourself from Phishing with QECUK

Do you know how to spot and avoid a Phishing attack?

QECUK Certification in association with Lorators brings you this short course designed to raise awareness of the methods and consequences of Phishing attacks in the workplace and beyond.

Advances in technology increases the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks, and everyone has a responsibility to maintain good cyber security habits.

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly common, and can often be difficult to spot without the knowledge of what to look for.

This short course takes just a few minutes to complete, and covers:

  • what phishing is,
  • the different types of phishing,
  • how to spot phishing emails,
  • what to do if you get one,
  • what to do if you accidentally click on a link.

Many of the points raised are common sense and few will come as new information.  The benefit of a course such as this is that is allows you to reinforce and consolidate what you already know so that the information becomes second nature.

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