10 steps to secure your home network

Many more people are working from home since the COVID pandemic of 2020, and it is likely that many people will continue to do so.  It has, for the majority of people, turned out to be a more cost effective and convenient way of structuring the working week. However, this brings some additional cyber security risks for your organisation’s data as well as your own.  

As well as the laptop and router, other devices may also be connected to your wifi, such as Smart TVs, lighting and heating, perhaps even cameras.  Each of these will have their own interface or app.   Most will require a username and password.  Do you use the same password and username for more than one device?  Is your password easy to guess?  If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you could be at risk of cyber-attack.  Hackers are able to access devices from the internet if they are not secured. 

The solution to this is easy, make your usernames and passwords different for each device on your home network and make sure your passwords are not easy to guess, for example by avoiding the obvious like birthdays and names and where possible include a variety of characters such as numbers, letters and symbols from the top bar of your keyboard. Make sure you don’t write down your passwords and leave them where they can be found.  

Our easy to follow short course 10 steps to secure your home network offers you more information on what you can do to protect your data. Our range of U-Secure courses are available for £1.50 + VAT per month where you can access many courses that may be of interest to individuals and organisations for no extra cost. 

We can arrange a video chat to demonstrate the USecure platform to you and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  We can also arrange a free 14 day trial.


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