Environmental Training

Environmental Awareness is an essential part of daily life both inside and outside of work parameters. As we have become more aware of the potential and actual impacts we have on the planet, many organisations are choosing to implement an environmental awareness programme to reduce their negative environmental aspects. Through training, targets, and positive habits, organisations can reduce waste, improve efficiency and even make cost savings.


ISO 14001 Awareness Training

Subjects Covered

There are a variety of topics covered in an environmental awareness course. These can include:

  • Aspects -  the aspects of your organisation that may have an impact on the environment
  • Impacts – the impacts your organisation could have on the environment both directly and indirectly.
  • Operational Controls - the way your organisation operates and ways it could be more efficient.
  • Resources – the way your organisation manages resources and ensuring it is done so efficiently (for example, using environmentally responsible suppliers).

Bespoke Environmental Awareness Training


The whole organisation should be involved in the environmental awareness programme, and to achieve this Environmental Management Training plays a key role.  It can ensure that everyone in the organisation is aware of and follows the same procedures and practices. Online training courses can be a cost effective and efficient way of providing training, and classroom training allows for interaction and group collaboration.