Learning Management Systems

A learning management system is a vital tool in delivering and recording online training. Organisations are moving away from the traditional face to face training because learners often find it inconvenient and time consuming to travel to a venue for training. Organisations are conscious of the extra time needed to attend classroom based sessions and so online training is becoming more popular because it is more flexible.  Learners can study when it is most convenient to them, and the work day is disrupted much less.

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software tool used to deliver staff training.

Access Anywhere
Most Learning Management System’s are either hosted online or made accessible from outside the company.  Staff can complete training anywhere and on any device.

Measure Effectiveness
Organisations can measure the effectiveness of the course content because course materials are interactive.  Learners can complete quizzes, tests and other progress measures to assess and reinforce their understanding.  Learners  who are struggling with the course material can be identified allowing early intervention by a course facilitator if required.

Rich Media
Training content can include graphics, videos and interactive games or activities.  Staff engagement and retention of key principles will be improved in a multimedia environment.

Training Records
You can record staff training records such as course completion rates and test scores in a Learning management system.  Organisations can use these to demonstrate commitment to staff training and legal compliance.

Bespoke LMS Implementation

We recognise organisations need different things from their Learning Management Systems.

As a vendor neutral consultancy we can offer a range of different systems to meet your needs and budget.

Contact us for an initial scoping exercise to help us determine the best system for your organisation.