Learning Content

Lorators can produce bespoke learning content for your organisation. This can be deployed on your existing LMS or into a Learning Management System delivered by us.

Structured & Focused Learning

Our team includes members knowledgable in instructional design and distance learning experts. We also have experts in their field consulting on and designing course content. We can work with you to produce learning content that will effectively deliver the messages you want delivered to your learners.

Learners often find that short and frequent awareness activity can be effective in increasing their skills base. Content can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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Creative Learning Assets

The best courses, whether eLearning or Classroom based, consist of a variety of high quality creative learning materials. People don’t all learn in the same way. A Multimodal approach often optimises learning in a diverse team.

Our team can devise and produce creative learning assets for your learning content. This can include graphics, videos, games and other interactive activities.

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