Quality Management Training

Many organisations are choosing to implement a quality management system in order to improve their quality of service, increase their customer base and identify areas of potential cost savings. Reputation and customer satisfaction are also essential and can often be more effectively managed with more efficient processes and planning.

All organisations should consider the resources they need to effectively provide a good quality product or service;  staff are probably one of your most important resources. For this reason training is essential, as staff need to have the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of their role and therefore benefit the organisation and their wellbeing.

Quality Courses

ISO 9001 Awareness Training

Subjects Covered

There are many key elements of quality management, with our courses designed to cover the essentials such as:

  • Leadership – ensuring strong guidance for employees
  • Operational Processes – monitoring, reviewing and improving processes to increase efficiency
  • Handling Quality issues – ensuring that the cause is identified quickly and actions implement to prevent future occurrence
  • Customer feedback, satisfaction and complaints
  • Resource management – this includes material goods and human resources


Bespoke Quality Management Awareness Training

For the quality management system to be most effective, the whole organisation needs to be onboard and aware of their responsibilities. Training can be provided for all levels and functions of the organisation, with face to face workshops and online training provided by our quality management  experts to suit your needs.