Reduce human cyber risk with one comprehensive solution - simplified through automation

uSecure's platform combines FOUR modules and a unique Risk Score Gap Analysis exercise to help you manage employee cyber security training & awareness.

Behavioural Cyber Risk Calculator

The uSecure platform can calculate cyber risks on an individual basis.  A short gap analysis questionnaire sent to your users is structured to identify weak areas in their cyber security understanding.

The results are presented in a spider-web diagram helping you determine with eLearning modules to assign.


Choose from a library of cyber security eLearning packages within the uSecure platform, automate delivery and reminders.


Create bespoke or templated phishing campaigns and automate their deployment over a staggered period.  Report on opens, clicks and data-submissions.

Policy Management

Upload security (and other) policies in the platform, send out notifications to staff and record who has acknowledged the policy.

Breach Detection

The platform automatically checks all users' email addresses against breached datasets to identify compromised accounts.


The main dashboard provides admin-level users with an overview of all users, including individual live performance tracking. Users also have individual dashboards displaying their own information, and allowing them to shape their own journey.


A Lorators team member will retain “super admin” access to your platform in order to provide support and assistance if needed. This allows us to assist in real time, rather than via an admin-level user.



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