Learning Consultancy

The Lorators team have valuable experience in education, distance learning, technology and psychology. We can use this to help you build a structured Learning & Development Programme for your organisation.

Most organisations will benefit from staff training programmes because staff members can learn about the organisation’s policies and procedures that are relevant to their role. Training records can demonstrate Compliance with work regulations.

Organisations may have different ways of presenting their learning materials, however we can help and advise you on the most effective method for your organisation.

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Learners can receive their training in the work location or at an outside venue, both locations have advantages and disadvantages.  Delegates may find training in the workplace environment more authentic, however learners might be distracted by their work if they are not in a separate environment.

People often enjoy the novelty of training delivered in a non-work environment therefore learners may demonstrate increased engagement with the course content.  However, learners may feel less connected to work, so may remember less.

We can help you to organise your training materials to optimise learning and accessibility.  Our Qualified Consultants can help you write the learning materials and design presentation that will engage your learners.

Online Learning

People are increasingly turning to online training  because online learning is usually more cost effective and less disruptive to the work day. Learners can work at their own pace and at their own convenience.  However, learners sometimes feel isolated or fail to schedule training into the work day.

Online learning is very different from classroom based training.   Learners  need clear and unambiguous language, simplicity and transparency. Learners will often only have the written or spoken word and images to help them in their studies.  If there is no opportunity for discussion the learning design needs to be well planned.


Learners can be provided with peer support through a group forum, helping to avoid feelings of isolation. People have found this very helpful in assisting their learning.  A Learning Management System (LMS) is an effective, convenient and structured way to manage your organisation’s training.  Enrolled learners can receive content specific to their needs.  Learners can be monitored, and reports can be produced to assess the uptake, engagement and progress.  Courses can be built and stored on the LMS, then published as required.  Registered users can receive course materials at timed intervals, allowing  courses to progress over a number of weeks.

We can offer help and advice on a consultancy basis to help you design and present your online learning materials in the most accessible way for your learners. We can also help you to set up your own Learning Management System to organise and monitor your learning.  This might be your own system or a dedicated space on one of ours.

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