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Who Are Lorators?

Lorators is dedicated to providing training solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses, and is a division of Associate Enterprises Limited who specialise in Corporate Risk Management.  Assent's clients identified a need for high quality, low cost, accessible online training to help them with their ISO Management Systems and staff training requirements.

We know that you can find anything on the internet, so if you wanted to you could gather the information together yourself. But isn't it so much more convenient to have someone do it for you, especially a subject matter expert who can separate fact from opinion and translate the jargon?

You'll find this high quality content on our platform Digital.Lorators -  the public Learning Management System of Lorators, which provides free awareness courses for all. Of course, if you require something more detailed or bespoke to your organisation's individual needs, we can provide:

  • Bespoke LMS
  • Hosted LMS
  • Bespoke Online Training
  • Packaged Online Training
  • Bespoke Classroom Training
  • Packaged Classroom Training


Who Are Lorators?

Why the name Lorators?

We put a lot of effort into finding an original name to describe our Training Branch; it had to be something that encapsulated  our desire to make knowledge accessible to all.

Our ancestors have passed on knowledge through the use of stories for thousand of years.  We recognise this most from the term 'Folklore'.

Key members of the community have been used to spread information since the earliest settlements. These gifted and confident public speakers are known as 'Orators'.


The Oxford Dictionary Says:

Lore - NOUN, mass noun

A body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

Orator - NOUN

A public speaker, especially one who is eloquent or skilled.


So in the spirit of all that has gone before, we're taking Lore in to the future as LORATORS. We provide effective learning and development of people through online and classroom training.


The Lorators Team.

The Assent back-office team and a network of subject matter experts fully support Lorators. We can therefore offer a quality training service to our clients.