Assessing your Human Risk Element with U Secure

In most organisations, the “human element” (the people involved in your organisation) are actually the biggest risk to your information and cyber security. This can be for a number of reasons, but largely it’s our capabilities for compassion, trust, and just plain human error which cause the most issues.

So how do we assess the level of risk associated with having humans in our organisations? Ideally we’d need a way to assess to situation, and compile information we can work with.


That’s where U Secure’s new Human Risk Factor tool comes in handy.

The free tool requires just a few details, then automatically tests how long it would take for your organisation’s cyber security measures to be breached based around the human elements of your organisation.

Once the tool has finished testing your organisation’s cyber security, it will send you a one-page report, which will tell you:

  • How long it would take to breach your cyber security measures
  • How it could be breached and where the vulnerabilities are
  • Suggestions to improve you cyber security measures

You can then use the information in the report to implement measures and improve your cyber security –  particularly with regards to your “human element”.


With this in mind, it’s worth having a look at the rest of the services offered by U Secure on their all-in-one platform, including e-learning modules, breach scanning, phishing campaigns, and policy management. The platform costs just £1.50 per user per month, and you can get a 14 day free trial to fully try out all the functions with no obligation to sign up at the end.

You can run your own free Human Risk Report HERE.

Want to know more about the U Secure Platform? Please click HERE.


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