Bring Your Own Device – ELearning Course

Now that many more people are working from home, it is likely that more personal devices are introduced to your organisation’s network. It is important to consider cyber security from this perspective and reduce the risk of cyber attack to your network.  


When employees are using their own devices on your organisation’s network, it is even more important that they have kept their own antivirus software and operating systems up to date.  This can be written in a policy, but may be difficult to verify. You may wish to keep a record of your employees’ antivirus software and the date of expiry so that you can ask them whether they have updated their software.  You could also send a regular email asking them to confirm they have installed the latest updates to the devices they use for work. 


Some helpful precautions to consider are implementing a two-step authentication to enter the network, time specific network access and ensuring usernames and passwords are not easy to guess. 


Our U-secure short course Bring Your Own Device is an effective way of helping individuals understand the security needs when using their own tech on a shared organisation network.  


We can arrange a video chat to demonstrate the USecure platform to you and answer any questions you may have about it.  We can also set up a free 14 day trial for you to explore the platform for yourself and see how it can benefit your organisation. 

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