Clear Desk Policy ELearning

Our working environment says a lot about our working practices.  A chaotic desk often leads to mistakes being made and things going missing, even if you think you know where everything is. 


A clear desk policy demonstrates an organisation’s attention to security, prevents theft of sensitive information and makes the working area much easier to manage. Workers will be more productive and less likely to make errors.


ISO 27001, the international standard for Information Security has a clean desk policy as part of its management system.   This means that any time you leave your desk or work station, everything is put away and screens are locked and password protected if they are not being locked away.  


At the end of the working day, any unwanted notes or other written or printed information is destroyed securely, using a shredder if one is available.  Any written or printed information that needs to be kept is filed away or locked away.  If possible, any movable media and laptops are locked away. If laptops aren’t locked away or removed from the building, they should be securely password protected.  


Our U-secure Course on Clear Desk Policy walks participants through the best method of ensuring a clean desk policy is put in place and followed.  USecure short courses are designed for individuals to learn more about cyber security based topics and put into place measures that ensure the security of information in the workplace. 


A monthly membership to USecure costs £1.50 + VAT per person, and offers access to all the cyber security courses. We can arrange a video chat with you to demonstrate the platform and answer any of your questions about it, and if you wish, we can set up a free 14 day trial for you to explore the platform and discover how it can help your organisation.


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