ISO9001 for Quality Managers and Internal Auditors

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This course is designed to help people who manage their organisation’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We begin with an introduction to what an ISO 9001 system is and how it can add value to your organisation.

We discuss what an Internal Audit is, what happens and why audits are important.

Lesson 2 looks at Auditor skills and attributes and good practice.

Lesson 3 takes you through the first steps of an Internal Audit and discusses the opening meeting.

Lesson 4 Looks at auditing technique

Lesson 5 discusses the various steps involved in conducting the audit through to the closing meeting.

Lesson 6 discussed the Internal Audit report and what happens afterwards.

Lesson 7 is an introduction to ISO9001

Lesson 8 begins with Clause 4, the context of the organisation.

Lesson 9 covers Clause 5 which looks at leadership

Lesson 10 focuses on Clause 6, planning

Lesson 11 relates to Clause 7, which looks at support

Lesson 12 talks about Clause 8, operation

Lesson 13 discusses Clause 9, performance evaluation and

Lesson 14 concludes with Clause 10, improvement.

There is a certificate of completion to download when all the lessons have been successfully completed.