CPD for Business – The Importance of Keeping your CPD Up-To-Date – eLearning/Training

Many organisations rely on their staff taking CPD courses to keep up with the current information on their industry. This in the past may have been time consuming, expensive, and inconvenient, but since the arrival of online training courses this is no longer the case.  

Numerous subjects can now be studied using online platforms which lead to recognised CPD certificates, ensuring staff are always up to date with their knowledge.  These courses are designed to be short, to the point and easy to follow, and can be studied at the learner’s own pace, ensuring good knowledge transfer is maintained throughout.

But for many roles requiring CPD evidence or points, it can be hard to find the right course – especially as the world has changed so drastically in the last few years.

So if you’re looking for help with CPD in the vast subject of Health & Safety – and have a budget – we’re here to help. You can go straight to the catalogue HERE, or read on to learn a bit more about the course subjects available.  


Customer Service Skills

When a business relies on keeping customers happy, which will ensure return business and recommendations, it is vital that all staff understand what is required.

Of course, people are not all the same and sometimes it is necessary to adapt your approach to satisfy the needs of your customer.  

It is essential to be able to respond to the expectations and reactions of customers in an appropriate way, which means being able to listen actively in order to identify their needs and requirements.

Some customers can seem difficult, and in these situations and training can really help staff to always remain calm and respond professionally. 

Customer feedback is a useful tool in assessing customer experience and gives the opportunity for continual improvement.



Managing staff is a skill that can be learned, even if you are not a natural leader.  

An essential part of managing a team is problem solving, which might include conflict in the work-place.  Training can really help with this, as it sets up ways in which a manger can always ensure they remain calm and professional and find the best solutions to the problems they are faced with.

Managing equality and diversity in the workplace is essential to promoting a cohesive team.  Also, the ability to keep staff motivated and moving forward with their skills is an important management role along with managing change. The right training can help with this, whether you are a new manager or an experienced one refreshing your skills. 


Team Leading

Leading a team in any industry is a skill that can be learned and developed with the right training opportunities. 

Selecting the right person for the right role, supporting each team member, managing performance, and motivating team members is essential to the success of any project.  

Recognising and valuing diversity and respecting differences, as well as promoting a working atmosphere of acceptance and support for colleagues creates a productive working atmosphere, all skills essential to a good team leader, which can be learned, enhanced, and developed through training.  


Understanding GDPR

Since May 2018, GDPR has become a big subject in business. All managers and team leaders need to have a good knowledge of the rules and regulations that businesses are legally required to comply with. It is also helpful if all staff are made aware of the laws surrounding GDPR to avoid any unintentional breaches of the law, which could result in fines to the organisation.

It is essential to know how information must be collected in order to be lawful, how data can be extracted, processed, and stored, as well as what individual rights are surrounding people’s personal information.

Training can help keep everyone on the right side of the law and handling data with confidence. 


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