DSE Regulations Training

This short course offers you a basic introduction to the Display Screen Equipment regulations and Health and Safety in the workplace.  It can be used as a training course for employees to demonstrate compliance with Health and Safety Regulations and also the ISO 9001 Wellbeing clauses.


Course Delivery

✅ Online: This course is delivered via the Digital.Lorators Online LMS.

Course Author

The course was written by Assent Risk Management.

Assent can help you with Health and Safety Consultancy and training.


  • Lesson 1 DSE & H&S Basics
  • Lesson 2 DSE & H&S Basics
  • Lesson 3 DSE & H&S Basics
  • Lesson 4 DSE & H&S Basics
  • Lesson 5 DSE & H&S Basics
  • Lesson 6 DSE & H&S Basics


Do you need Help with the DSE Regulations?

Assent Risk Management can help you comply with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations.  Find our more about our Health & Safety Consultancy.