File sharing in the workplace – eLearning/Training

File sharing is a common practice in the workplace and is essential to collaborative working.  File sharing may include; 

  • removable storage media  
  • file transfer protocol programmes 
  • file hosting services and 
  • peer to peer networks 

Each of these methods carried its own risks to information security.

It is important to have a comprehensive policy covering all kinds of sharing information and it should be made available to all employees.  This should include;

  1. A clear description of which data should be kept secure
  2. A risk analysis
  3. Measures to mitigate risk
  4. Training for all employees
  5. Guidance on secure password creation
  6. Email security awareness
  7. Policy ln mobile technology, including smartphones and tablets.

The USecure course on file sharing can help you create your policies and train your employees.  USecure courses cover many cyber security topics and you can have access to them all for just  £1.50 + VAT a month per person.  We can arrange a video chat to demonstrate the USecure platform and answer any questions you may have about it.  We can also set up a free 14 day trial for you so that you can explore the platform and see how it will benefit your organisation.

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