Lorators Launches Focus Mode on its Free Courses

In a world of distractions and demands on our time, getting the chance to really focus on something can seem pretty difficult.

This is especially challenging when you’re trying to learn something, as your brain is already fully occupied taking in and processing fresh information. 

We also know that really, there’s no such thing as multitasking – your attention merely moves fully to one thing and ignores the other, and because of the time it takes to process this, it feels like you’re genuinely doing two things at once.

We’ve also all heard the usual “anti-distraction” tips from various sources – choose your focus time and place carefully so you won’t be disturbed, turn off your phone (or put it in another room), maximise the browser window or tool you’re working in to prevent other things catching your eye…

But what happens when the platform you’re learning on has a few too many things floating around, and focusing on the task at hand becomes a form of visual and mental assault course?

We know this can be an issue with online learning. That’s why we’ve launched “Focus Mode” on all our free courses, to streamline your experience and reduce distractions as much as possible.


Focus mode:

  • Applies on desktop and mobile versions of courses 
  • Removes menus, headers, footers and anything outside of the course content and navigation.
  • Provides clearer course navigation and progress.


So, when you get the time to sit down with one of our courses, you can be sure that time will be as straight forward and beneficial as it can be. 

Haven’t had a look at our courses recently? Head over and see what takes your fancy! It’s a short amount of time for some valuable knowledge. 


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