New: Free Workplace Wellbeing Course

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve launched a new FREE short course for Workplace Wellbeing!

How taking care of your employees takes care of your business.

The importance of looking after our wellbeing has been emphasised more and more in recent years, and it’s no longer confined to health professionals and lifestyle coaches. 

Of course, we’re aware of needing to get enough sleep, good food, water, and look after our mental health in general terms, but for many people there’s a key element of life where wellbeing can become a background concern – work. 

Our work life isn’t solely our responsibility – there are other elements and other people that have an effect on our work lives, and potentially our wellbeing, and we generally don’t have control over them. However, other people can help with these elements and their own actions, including the leadership of an organisation. 

This course is designed to give some pointers on how people at all levels of an organisation can help ensure everyone’s wellbeing at work. This is especially important if you already have – or are planning to get – ISO 9001;2015 Certification, which includes a clause about employee wellbeing.

Ready to have a look? You can find it here: