Cyber Security Threats are growing day-by-day as malicious actors disrupt I.T Systems and attempt to steal data.  Every organisation is vulnerable to a cyber attack.

This short Cyber Security Awareness Training covers the basics that everyone should know.


Course Delivery

✅ Online: This course is delivered via the Digital.Lorators Online LMS.

Course Author

This course was written by Robert Clements an Information Security Consultant at Assent Risk Management.


  • Backup Your Data
    Ensure you can recover your data wherever it is located.
  • Malware Protection
    Protecting your devices means more than just Anti-Virus.
  • Protect Your Network
    Keep the world out.
  • Device Updates
    Make sure you apply security updates across all your devices.
  • User Accounts
    Protect your user accounts on every system you use.
  • Phishing
    Be Aware of Phishing Techniques that could compromise your data.
  • Going Further



Do you need Cyber Security Consultancy?

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