ISO 27001 Awareness for Employees V2

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ISO 27001 Awareness Training

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard for Information Security Management.  A business risk approach is taken to all information assets of the organisation and a framework is created for managing threats. All members of an organisation need to be aware of and involved in the successful running of an ISO 27001 system, so we […]

Information Security

Guidance for Workplace Security Training

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Guidance for Secure Working

This short course is designed to highlight security precautions you can take to protect your work and work environment from potential security breaches. We discuss some basic health and safety considerations. Many of the points raised are common sense and few will come as new information.  The benefit of a course such as this is […]

Cyber Security

Basic Cyber Security Training

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Cyber Security Online Training

Cyber Security Threats are growing day-by-day as malicious actors disrupt I.T Systems and attempt to steal data.  Every organisation is vulnerable to a cyber attack. This short Cyber Security Awareness Training covers the basics that everyone should know.   Take this Course Course Delivery ✅ Online: This course is delivered via the Digital.Lorators Online LMS.

Cyber Security

Protect Yourself From Phishing Training

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Phishing Awareness Training

Advances in technology increases the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks. One of the common attacks to protect against is Phishing. It’s important to understand exactly what phishing is in order to identify it and prevent attacks. This short course takes just a few minutes to complete but the benefits to personal information security and the […]