CPD for Mental Health – The Importance of Keeping your CPD Up-To-Date

Many organisations find that mental wellness is the key to less worker absence due to sickness and higher productivity.  It also promotes a healthy and happy work environment for the staff, which is essential to the smooth running of a team. 

Recognising and managing depression, stress and anxiety in the workplace can be taught.  An online training course can give you everything you need to manage mental health and wellbeing in your workplace.

But for many roles requiring CPD evidence or points, it can be hard to find the right course – especially as the world has changed so drastically in the last few years.

With in-person courses no longer so viable – or in some cases, just not attractive – finding a suitable online course at an affordable price is essential. 

So if you’re looking for help with CPD in the subject of Mental Health – and have a budget – we’re here to help. You can go straight to the catalogue HERE, or read on to learn a bit more about the course subjects available.  

Anxiety Awareness

Everyone feels anxious sometimes, but anxiety is not the same for everyone.  Anxiety and panic attacks may be triggered by something, or they may be always there in the background.  Learning how to recognise the signs of anxiety in colleagues, knowing the best way to approach the subject and how to find the best way of helping and supporting them can be learned.   

There are many ways of managing anxiety and knowing some of them can really help not only to manage your own anxiety when it occurs, but also to help and support your colleagues when needed.  

Understanding Stress

Stress often accompanies anxiety but is not necessarily the same thing. Stress often occurs when people feel or think they are unable to cope with something, even if all the evidence shows that they can.  Short term stress although uncomfortable does not usually affect health too much and is often associated with an event or situation which is of short duration. 

Long term Stress affects health if it is left unattended, but it also affects mood and productivity, so it is worth tackling early.  Coping strategies can be taught which include mental and physical activities. 

Workplace mental health

Supporting mental health in the workplace is an essential part of an employer’s responsibilities towards their staff. Identifying risk factors to mental health and managing them is important, and this can be taught in an online course.

It is necessary to know the legalities of caring for staff at work, and to be able to identify your responsibilities in relation to safety, equality, diversity, and discrimination as well as bullying and harassment and conflict management.

Depression Awareness

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses therefore It is useful to have a good understanding of what depression is, and how it is treated.

Knowing how to recognise signs and symptoms of depression and common methods of treatment means you will be better able to understand and respond to staff members suffering with depression.

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