Learning Online

Many people and organisations are now turning to online learning. There are lots of reasons why you may prefer it to classroom-based training. For example, you can usually access learning at a time and place that suits you. Also, it can be less disruptive to your work day than a classroom course.  Most online courses allow you to progress at your own pace.

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems are like online classrooms.  You can access reports about learners’ engagement and progress.  Also, you can set up Virtual classrooms within an LMS to divide students into groups. You can add timed course releases ensuring steady progress is maintained throughout a course. You can add assignments and certificates in order to recognise participation and completion of courses.  Many LMS’s support multimedia presentations so that you can make course materials to suit all learner preferences .


However, learner uptake may be low because people feel isolated and unsupported without a tutor to advise and peers to discuss issues with.  Classroom based learning allows people to feel part of a group, to share ideas and support each other through discussions.   All these things are shown to help with learning.  For online learning, You can create a dedicated  forum  for people taking the same online course or belonging to the same organisation.

At Lorators we are able to set up dedicated Learning Management Systems for organisations, provide dedicated space on a shared LMS and arrange the creation of courses by experts for delivery on the organisation’s own system.