Learning Online

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Many people and organisations are now turning to online learning. There are lots of reasons why you may prefer it to classroom-based training. For example, you can usually access learning at a time and place that suits you. Also, it can be less disruptive to your work day than a classroom course.  Most online courses […]

The Importance of Training

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The culture of an organisation comprises of many aspects but probably the biggest part is the people, who in turn are shaped by the company’s learning and development programme. However, this is often based on formal training which takes employees away from the business and delivers generic content that may not be directly relevant to […]

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations and Basic Health and Safety at Work

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DSE regulations apply to all employees using devices with screens for their work.  They are designed to protect workers health and wellbeing.  It is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee to ensure that the Regulations are followed. DSE regulations apply to workers who spend more than one hour continuously using a screen.  […]

Free GDPR Courses

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All organisations are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations. GDPR is a European regulation that came into force on 25thMay 2018.   All European countries are subject to it.  It is unlikely to change when the UK is no longer pat of the European union. The regulations are designed to protect individuals’ privacy […]

ISO 14001 Environmental Management for Employees

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ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard for managing an organisation’s environmental impact. Every organisation can more effectively manage their resources. Organisations operating to an ISO 14001 system will have processes, procedures and policies for minimising or eliminating negative environmental impacts. The management system focuses on the way the product or service is achieved rather […]

Workplace Wellbeing

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The HSE defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that the tasks and the demands made of employees is realistic for the employee’s skills, knowledge and capabilities. Organisations should provide adequate training, and support can help employees […]

Shared Learning – The Value of Collaboration

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Effective learning depends on the learner having an interest in the topic.  If that interest doesn’t come naturally, because the learning is something required by an employer or a professional organisation, it is helpful to find something that is of interest.  This may be as simple as prospects of future promotion for knowing the information […]

More about the process of learning

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We make sense of the world by measuring what our senses present us with against what we already know.  The new information may change the information we already had, or we may class it as incorrect, partly correct or not useful.  So, Learning could be described as adding new information or experiences that change what […]