New ISO 27001;2022 Course -FREE for a Limited Time!

In late 2022 a new version of ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems was launched – replacing the 2013 version.

The ISO aims to review and update standards every 5 years to ensure they stay relevant and appropriate for organisations as they operate in current times. The last major update saw ISO 1400 and ISO 9001 move onto the Annex SL structure, which ISO 27001 had already adopted with the 2013 version.

The new version brings in some changes and updates, including reducing the fourteen control categories to just four, introducing 11 new controls, and merging 24 controls. 

If your organisation currently has an ISO 27001 certification, you have until November 2025 to move to the new 2022 standard.

The first place to start is to understand the changes and what you might need to do to continue your certification on the new version of the standard. For this reason, Lorators has launched a new ISO 27001;2022 Awareness Course to help organisations and those responsible for maintaining ISO 27001 certifications understand the differences. The course is FREE for a limited time!

If you’d like any further advice or support with your ISO27001 certification, or are looking to implement the new version of the standard, please get in touch.

The course is available HERE.