Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations and Basic Health and Safety at Work

DSE regulations apply to all employees using devices with screens for their work.  They are designed to protect workers health and wellbeing.  It is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee to ensure that the Regulations are followed.

DSE regulations apply to workers who spend more than one hour continuously using a screen.  The screen may be on a laptop, PC, phone or tablet. It applies equally to workers in a fixed location, mobile workers and those who work from home.

The main points of the regulation are to advise people to take regular breaks away from the screen, as well as to ensure furniture is fit for purpose.  It is important that the correct posture is adopted if people are going to be using a screen for any length of time.

Health and Safety in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer, but employees have their part to play in ensuring their own and fellow workers’ safety.  Not all risk is predictable, but regular risk assessments should be undertaken to allow all possible precautions to be taken.

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