The Importance of Training

The culture of an organisation comprises of many aspects but probably the biggest part is the people, who in turn are shaped by the company’s learning and development programme.

However, this is often based on formal training which takes employees away from the business and delivers generic content that may not be directly relevant to your organisation.

That’s where culture can shift and become a barrier to achieving the organisations objectives.

But many organisations are realising the benefits of using elearning via a bespoke learning management system, like those provided by Lorators.

Here are five advantages:

Branded System

Online learning management systems offer an opportunity for your organisation to brand the training activity, giving your staff more ownership.

Auditable Training Records

An LMS will generate auditable training records and help you manage refresher training across your business.

Rich Content

Using eLearning, your training and awareness can include a variety of rich media including text, images, audio and video.

Flexible Delivery

Subject to company policies, eLearning can be delivered at any time via computers, tablets or smartphones.

Regular Reinforcement

Many organisations find that small courses delivered regularly are more effective in reinforcing company culture, and eLearning makes this much more cost effective.

Where to start?

Organisations can improve their culture by looking at their learning and develop programme including the tools and learning content they are deploying.

Our consultants and work with you to find the right eLearning solution and build bespoke content.

Contract us for more information.  You can use our contact form on www.lorators.comor telephone on 01268 799228.