Stress in the workplace is a common occurrence. It can often be reduced by understanding a bit about exactly what stress is and how it links to thoughts.  Thoughts affect feelings and emotion, as well as being affected by them.

We have produced a free short 7 part course with practical help for managing stress taken from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  You could complete it in about ten minutes and take out some useful practical solutions to your stress, or you could spend more time on the exercises and gain greater insight into yourself and your stress.  Either way, this course is designed to give you control over the stress that affects you.

Part 1 is an introduction to what stress is and part two breaks it down further. Part 3 offers two exercises to help you pin down your own stress.  Part four gets into your thoughts and thinking patterns and part 5 offers suggestions of how to tackle unhelpful thought patterns. Part six helps you identify negative automatic thoughts and gives some suggestions of what to do about them and part 7 is a summary.  Each lesson has a video at the end to summarise the main points.

There is a certificate of completion available at the end of the course making it useful for companies and HR departments to use to demonstrate action taken to reduce workplace stress.